Our range of carpets is extensive with each one having its own unique charm - and each lends itself best to different rooms and uses.


Smooth and classic cut pile finish that's also known as Velour. The tops of the loops of wool are cut and the yarn slightly twisted to produce tufts that stand upright and produce a smooth and even surface. Other variations include Saxony - a cut pile with a higher pile than a velvet carpet sometimes treated so each tuft end is easily seen.

Twist Pile

Also called hard twist or frise. This style of carpet features yarn that has been tightly twisted to form a pile with an irregular textured surface. This hard wearing texture minimises tracking (foot prints), shading (irregular light and dark areas in the pile) and fluffing which makes it a very popular and practical carpet.

Woven Carpet

Woven carpets are widely regarded as being the best value for money because each tuft is securely locked in place by the weaving process. This ensures that both pile yarns and backing materials are permanently combined together in a strong, interwoven structure that will keep its shape over a lifetime of hard wear. Generally, but not always, contemporary or traditional patterned carpets are made in this manner.

Berber Loop Pile

Loop pile carpet is a hardwearing surface formed on continuous loops of yarn. With loops of different pile heights, textured loop pile carpets have a unique sculptured look. Like level loop pile its hardwearing texture minimises tracking (footprints) shading (irregular light and dark areas in the pile) and fluffing. Other variations include Wool Sisal which replicates the look and colour of natural sisal, combined with the warmth, softness and durability of wool and Berber which has a rustic, knobbly, tweed effect and is available in a variety of textures.


Saxony carpets have a soft, luxurious look and feel and bring an air of plush luxury to any room. They can either have a rich, dense, velvet-like appearance or where the yarn is longer, they have an attractive, luxurious tumble-down appearance.